Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is right around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your yard ready. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

  • Lawncare equipment.
    Give your lawnmower and other lawn maintenance equipment a thorough inspection. Clean and replace parts as needed.
  • Clean up.
    Rake out plant beds and around trees and bushes. Also pick up any branches and debris that have fallen into your yard.
  • Mulch.
    Add an inch-thick layer of fresh mulch in plant beds and around trees. Don’t let the mulch touch tree trunks and never let the mulch accumulate to more than a 3-inch depth. Mulch not only makes planting areas look neat, but also helps to retain moisture in the soil, keeps roots cool in the summer, and insulates them in the winter. As mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil.
  • Start up fertilizer.
    The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the spring, when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees.You’ll know when the soil warms up to 55 because the lilacs begin to blossom and the grass starts growing!
  • Control Weeds.
    Spring is a good time to apply pre-emergent weed control for weeds such as crabgrass. One hint on timing is that when forsythia is in full bloom, it’s usually the perfect time to apply crabgrass weed preventer.
  • Inspect your irrigation system.
    Once the weather has warmed up for the year, turn on your irrigation system and inspect it to see if it is in working condition. R&R Landscaping and Irrigation can help with spring and fall maintenance of your irrigation system. It is important to have the system opened up and shut down properly for optimal function and longevity.